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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 7, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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>> right now teens held at gun point offer a hoover board. surveillance video captured the terrifying moments outside a local rec center even scarier the begunmen them saevrmz police tell russ also teens. >> good morning i'm lucy. >> and i chris o'connell and ian is off tonight. these are not the only teens targeted for their hoverboards. dave. >> reporter: those hoverboards cost between $300 and $5 0 0 among the hottest tmz for sale for christmas and now a hot item on the streets of philadelphia being target bid probers and in these latest two incidence the victims were 14 and 16 years old. >> you know, in a bold move two teens armed with handguns
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walked up to 14 years 57 and half ford and robbed them of hover board, iphone and back packs. >> they're like the ifondz five years ago coolest thing on the streets and unfortunately there's individuals that can't afford them and want them. >> people can't bring their kids to a rec center and have found. >> the hoover board is sweeping the country. they caught this theft ob video e as startled teens ran for saferty and the gun toting suspects walked away from the hooverboard. >> kids should be able to play without any fear of any individuals taking things from them and special any this situation using guns in rec senters. >> he was playing basketball wane he was stunned to hear about the hover board robbery and worried about kids. >> it is horrible. it's not good for this type of people in this environmentment it's a environment for
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recreation and football and basketball and all good sports. >> as shame. you have a lot of kids out back and you have a lot of kids that come through this area here. >> just last week a 16-year-old boy riding a hoverboard on north 19 treat was approached by three teens on bikes. one suspect punched the teen and knocked him off the hove hoverboard and the robbers took off with it. >> by any means they can get it they take it. >> once the sbad gone that person it gone forever and the bad is gone and nobody things about it. >> pay attention to environment and surroundings and be aware of what is going on out there. >> reporter: hoverboard robberies have popped up across the country. in atlanta a 16-year-old girl was shot in a robbery and in another case a-year-old was held up at gunpoint and police in philadelphia don't believe these robberies are connected and they believe we have not seen the lost of hoverboard robberies, lucy. >> thank you very much. scary stuff.
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there. on radar another cold night ahead as we dip back below freezing for the night. what is this. nearly a week straight now. pocono mountains taking advantage ever the weather. shawnee had the first skiers and snowboarders carving up the slopes. fun stup h stuff. we're going for a warm-up tomorrow, right, kathy. >> slowly but surely it will take time good to see skiers and snowboarders shawnee and blue mountain opens tomorrow for business. get skiing in because we'll see rain in the forecast as well. looking live at penn's landing cold and quiet out there, 3 19 high for today. forecasted high of 40. winds out of the west, southwest at 5 miles an hour. we're not talk wind chill finally. pottstown 23, 32 in and town and cold again tomorrow morning we'll advance this towards the morning hours. 6, 7:00 in the morning when temperatures be falling through the 20s.
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by 6 a.m., 24 in philadelphia and 22 in trenton and 22 allentown and 22 in reading. as we look ahead, we are going to be seeing the temperatures on the rise. it will come at a price. seeing rain over the weekend and then in 7-day the possibility of our first flakes. snowflakes that is. we'll look at that later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> i'm looking forward to that, kathy. >> let's look live at trenton. you can tate weather authority with you with fox 29 news app. see alert and get radar search for it in the apple or google play stores. >> happening now if you didn't get your ticket for tonight's powerball drawing it's too late. in cherry hill they just stopped selling tickets a couple minutes ago for tonigh tonight's jackpot. our cameras in the fishtown section of philadelphia where it really seems like everybody is getting their tickets. what's all this fuss about? how about a half a billion dollars? fox 29 shawnet wilson liver at
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the cherry hill 7-eleven. we got our tickets. i hope you got yours. >> we definitely did, several bit way. as you can see, and hear, it's very quiet here at the store at the 7-eleven in cherry hill. the machine as you mentioned just shut down moments ago. this store alone brought in $13,000 in lottery ticket sales toms and now just under an hour until we learn the winning numbers. >> i don't know how many did we get, 5, 10. >> $10 worth. >> hopefully we're a state winner tonightp. >> it's the last minute rush of people hoping for a stroke of luck. >> i don't get them all at once i get one by one. because i hear when you get them altogether all the numbers are all the same. >> tonight's powerball jackpot $5 0 0 million. it kept the 7-eleven in cherry hill busy all night. >> are you excited about this, too? >> a little bit but not too much. >> not too much. why not? >> it's a lot of work to do.
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>> i went in with my school and we also got separatetic sdmrets most were making plans for the cash. >> help out my church. i will buy a new home and help my friends. >> would would you do with $5 0 0 million young lady. >> shopping spree. >> others were having fun with the craze not taking their chance of winning too serious. >> if i win the $450 million there's a $20 bill in it for you. >> and become here live we mentioned that last-minute rush, right? there was a woman that walked in just a couple seconds too late. and to get her tickets tonight. chris, but luckily for her she purchased a few earlier today. she just wanted to get another one. back to you. >> needed that insurance ticket. okay. thanks. fox 29 is the only place to see winning numbers as they're chosen live. you can watch the drawing here "fox29" in just a few minutes. stay with us. we will bring you the drawing you may be in on that.
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one of those who wins $500 million. you can imagine. >> i cannot. >> you know it's been a busy night for sky fox in bucks county. this plumstead township home is burning on ironically burst house hill road. and we know one person did end up at the hospital. we do not, though, know the extent of the injuries. >> and one person also heard in this fire in furlong earlier tonight sky fox over the scene 6:00 tonight firefighters in buckingham township stay took about two hours to get the fire under control. one person was taken to the hospital. but we do not know how badly they were injured. >> police tell us they i.d.'d two of the three teens caught on camera ransacking a local business. we first showed you this video last night from inside the building in the philadelphia logan neighborhood. the teens punches and kicked holes and spray painted equipment and left behind $5
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grand in damage. one of them surrendered and another walked in with his mom to talk to police. officers still trying to figure out who that third teen is. no charges as of yet. developing tonight, an arrest sending shockwaves through delaware county. add rad norman arrested for child abuse and even more disturbing authorities say he worked closely with children for years. investigators are trying to figure out if there are more victims out there. fox 29 dawn tim any breaks down the case. >> charles robinson of pay ol jury accused of doing the unthinkable sexually abusing a 13-year-old family member that started in 2010 and lasted four painful years. >> the defendant mr. robinson tried to get into the shower with the victim. he tried to get into bed with the victim and progressed to the point where it was basically hole a ious and unbearable. >> the abuse happened when the robinsons lived in a home on
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shamony no rad nor and since moved. the victim finally turning to chester country youth service who's immediately contacted rad nor township police on december 236789 robinson was arrested new year's eve his 60 birthday. police are concerned there could be more vicks tem and are asking for the public's help. >> the reason we're asking that we know through investigation that mr. robinson had affiliation with the boy scouts of america and various youth groups where he was a coach, basketball coach, and involved in a lot of programs. >> robinson was also involved in adoption support services at church of the savior in tready frighten township. he was not at his po ole home but his son spoke to us. >> he is a good guy. >> he is free on bail posted by a family member. he has a hearing before a district sdwrustis. the victim is expected to be
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there and testify against him. dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> bill cosby will not be charged. one woman said she was assaul assaulted in 1965 at a home in hollywood hills and the other one claims he drugged her and assaulted her at the playboy mansion in 1978. he will not move forward because of statute of limit taitionz. back at home in ming county he faces criminal sexual assault charges. >> sky fox over a vacant lot in concernsing ton where human remains were found. >> caught by surveillance at a
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pizza shop in penn roseanne armed robber burst into pete's pizza and point aid hand gun at employees. police say he grabbed an employee by the hair and put a gun to her head anterobber got away with cash and no one is hurt physically. if you have information give police a call. >> police are trying to fiend a group of teenagers they say rond a woman in west philadelphia. it happened last night along the 4900 block of osage avenue. investigators say three men
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around 18 years old walked up to a 29-year-old woman, stole her phone and threw her to the ground. the victim says she thinks a gun fell out. he may have been fake. the three ran off after the attack and the cops say the gun was nev actually pointed at the woman. >> developing tonight video from a local high school game going viral. it is not an angry player. but a coach. caught on video knocking a referee to the floor last night. this scene played out during a high school football game at neshimany high school. that coach was apparently angry over a foul call. >> fox 29 bruce gourd on found out what repercussions he's facing. >> 15 second to go, drives n. scoops it. >> call tractor-trailer bump heard round the sports world. >> no basket offensive foul and technical. whoa! and joey bumps the official and the official goes down. >> folks all over the district
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are buzzing about it. >> oh, good lord! . he head butted him. why? >> during tuesday night neshimany high school basketball loss against pennsylvania bury neshimany coach jerry devine leapt off the bench puffed out his chest and lurched forward to the referee knocking him to the floor. divine was erected corrected from the game and tem rarely relieved and out of the district. >> there's a standard for our coaching staff and all of our staff and there's no reason for that conduct. it was very unsportsman like and unprofessional and sends wrong message to students and studentsage let. >> the pennsylvania at lemingic association labeled it an unacceptable act and us is spended him for one game while the district investigates. piaa rep told me the referee
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said divine made "head and chest and he, the ref, was unharmed. divine a ten year coaching veteran and neshimany teacher longer did not answer a knock at his door. but a former neshimany student says she's shocked at what happened. >> he's usually from everything i've known a good guy. >> this surprises you? >> very surprising very out of character for him. >> no indication whether he was face criminal charges he's expected to miss three neshimany basketball games while the district investigates this case and piaa has ultimate authority to increase any coac coaching sanctions against divine to a year or longer suspension. in lang horp, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> neshimany lost tonight to an away game at pennridge high school. >> a couple that received outpouring of support after a police officer found their toddler alone in love park could sooning homeless again. mike jones and angelique roland
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were sleeping in their park with two small children lost fall their 2-year-old son woke up and wandered away in the middle of the night and a septa officer found him. after the story broke, donations poured in and khoszen 300 ministries raised 1,000 to help with with house is and other services and now they're asking them to leave the apartment they rented for them. >> we had a make a very hard decision that we had to baca way. they one rejected services and counseling we provided, but also for the safety of our staff, and just the well-being of the organization we had to make a decision to really just turn this case over to the hands of dhs. >> and the children are still in the hands of dhs. chosen 300 ministries says the remaineder of donated money will go to education fund for them. authorities releasing new information today about the man shot and killed by police last night in upper dashy. police say officers were called to the bishop hill apartments last night around 6:30 after a
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man called 911 saying he was suicidal, armed with a knife. well that man has been identified as 54-year-old david zolo. according to police when three officers arrived zolo refused to drop a knife and lunged with a weapon and two officers opened fire killing zolo. he had a history of mental hilliness police say. >> he suffer from bipolar, post traumatic stress, he's been hospitalized at least five times since 2004. and we had been to his residence numerous times. >> the wife of the victim took to facebook after the shooting showing support for police and adding her husband is now "free of all the demons playing him." >> drivers have been taking a stand in south philadelphia. a couple dozen drivers for the rid service protested near the
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airport today and then made way past uber regional headquarters and drivers say the company is taking a bigger cut of their ride fare. the bieber drivers don't like certain aspect which they say favors uber drivers. they have release aid statement in today's protest while we understand that many limousine drivers are frustrated philadelphia shown enormous appetite for affordable options like uber x and people are ear earning extra income through uber x and nearly half a million use uber x to move safely from a to b. >> a girl patted down at the airport by tsa and the angry dad said it wentz too far and why he claims it was all over a juice box. >> rush hour traffic has eight dead. interstate was shut down for hours. what was on top of that exit sign that had so many police swarming the area. and jay lo spilling seek
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brets her body all thanks to a few tips what she's avoided for years that you probably have few tips what she's avoided for years that you probably have every day >> good evening, everybody, it's about a rough couple days with the cold especially for folks that use mass transit. market frankford line this week no a or b service all trains making all stops keep that in mind for tomorrow's morning rush hour and aramingo avenue remains closed york to delaware avenue. there's been delays all this week we'll see it again tomorrow at the cash toll plazas of pennsylvania turnpike because of the new fare increase, and then later on tomorrow, right after the rush hour, south on 95, watch for construction crews at bridge street. you want another cold one? we may have one for you bright you want another cold one? we may have one for you bright
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>> tsa pat down has almost a california father absolutely livid. he says agents frisked his 1 10-year-old daughter after fin finding a juice box on carry on luggage. he recorded the whole thing. an agent patted down the girl at raleigh durham december 30 and what made the entire thing so up comfortable it happened
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several times. and he says agents told hem he would get arrest philadelphia he interfered. tsa is not pack backing down on this one the agents involved followed all proper procedures. >> brian ensina texas state trooper that arrested sandra bland last summer was fired today after charged with perjury. he's trooper that pulled over bland for failing to use a turn signal. that is when things got physical. bland if you remember was arrested and died three days later in jail. authorities ruled her damage a suicide. a grand jury found the trooper made a false statement about the stop in an arrest report. an a terrifying night for a georgia family when armed men burst into their apartment. >> they were after cash. even point aid gun at a 9-year-old's head. >> he said where's the money? where's the money? i'm going to kill you. >> that girl, her little brother and parents were all home. and the children watched as the robbers grabbed her mom by her hair and hit her with a gun.
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when those three men forced the dad into a bathroom at gun point the little boy tried to step in pushing the men away. >> they hit me with the gun and put the bullets and they said they'll kill my mom and dad n. front of us. >> three men did get away. the family did not say if they got any money. but they are saying understandably they're now afraid to stay in their own home. >> arrested after police say he just lost it in a local department store. the one question he asked fellow employees that started it all. >> and kathy is tracking dramatic swings in temperatures, represent you, kathy. >> oh, wow, talking about 20 degree swings in temperatures. temperatures on the rise in the 7 day forecast. and then it's back to bitter, just like that. we'll take a lack at that in the 7 day coming up. >> don't forget fox 29 is the only place to see the winning powerball numbers as they're chosen live. powerball numbers as they're chosen live. and you can watch the drawing
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a>> right now it's 10:30 temperatures dropping yet again. it's going to be another night below freezing like it's winter or something chris, right?
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>> about time. >> live look at reading and guess what kathy is tracking warmer temperatures headed our way. autopsy head in the full forecast. and a worker at a montgomery county kohl's department store is facing a long list of charges tonight. limerick township police admitted to losing it flowing items atco workers. >> jeep per joyce tells us two of the workers had to be treated for injuries at a local hospital. >> reporter: the chaos broke out in the store's break room and two female employees were taken to the hospital after their co-worker became aggressive towards them pushing, shoving and even throwing things at them. 22-year-old anthony weekly junior was arrested on multiple charges simple assault endangering and disorderly conduct after police say he threw a fit in the break room of the store in limerick. it was after 3:30 in the morning and the store was closed only some employees were inside. limerick investigators say wi
3:30 am
wigly of pottstown asked co-workers for a dollar to use a vending machine she got the dollar and yet continued asking and then chucked a pots of coffee and threw a chair at a 64-year-old female cowork erin another co-worker tried stop him and he pushed her into a table. police say he admitted he asked for a dollar and then "lost it" he also told officers he had taken two narcotic pills before his shift. details this story represent a much larger problem with people and pills. >> i think this is a story about the epidemic of the frea freaking pills in this world and people just take pills and when you have a employee that makes what $11 an hour and working midnight and maybe popped a pill to stay away. this is what these kids do now. i don't know. it's ashame. >> kohls released a statement saying they will continue their investigation and leery shopper millie proper says she's
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hopeful it was a one-time thin thing. >> it's a unpredictable situation. hopefully they get it all taken care of and the person gets the help he need. >> limerick, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> and on your radar, temps di dipping again the pocono mountains taking advantage. we even saw people snowing and skiing down the poun mountain at shawnee ski mountain air. same day in 1996 the largest snowfall ever on record here in philadelphia, more than 30" fell, kathy. quite a different story tonight. >> reporter: quite a different story, yeah, the anniversary of the blizzard of '96 and now look at the snow cover. nada, nothing, in the keystone state for the most part you have to go to southeastern canada to see a good base. in quebec 10 to 20" on the ground and of course we know where all the snow has been the entire winter intermountain west 20 to 40" on the ground where you see the bright white and also the math enter acolor.
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we're snowless in philadelphia and have not even seen a trace of snow thus far this winter. and this is the latest date without any snow. and there's no snow in the forecast this week. so here's another record. we'll see if we can find snow in the 7-day. right now 31 degrees. high temperature for the day 4 40. winds ouvts west, southwest, it's a mild wind for us, warming temperatures tomorrow afternoon. but, tomorrow morning, once again, we're in the 20s. right now 31 in the city and 23 pottstown and 22 allentown and 24 pocono mountains and a lot of packed powder at that temperature and dover the temperature is 29. come tomorrow morning chilly and we'll slowly be warming it up to the north. many cold temperatures to the south. we do have some milder air. high pressure sliding offshore. southwesterly winds increased tomorrow and we'll have sunshine for your thursday. then the clouds will be creeping in late. and then friday we'll watch rain moving toward the region. but it's really not going to make it in. it will be washing out. we'll really have to wait until
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a latter part of the weekend to actually see a good dose of rain. here's a look at what to expect later in the week friday sprinkles spotty and chance of rain late on saturday. in the meaning the best chance of rain early sunday morning. through the noon hour when we could be seeing some pretty accident amounts. so about noon on sunday, between 7 a.m. and noon, you can see about inch to inch and a half from philadelphia to the north and west. and to the south and east about a half inch to inch. these are rain estimate for sunday between now and then, relatively dry. overnight, 23 in the city and 17 suburbs and clear and cold, light wind, temperatures tumbling again. during the day tomorrow, sunny, seasonable, high 44 and without any wind it's going to feel comfortable around here and on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast slow rise in temperature and morning showers sunday and then it turns colder in the wake of the front, monday, 40, tuesday, 36 and look at wednesday, chance ever
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a flurry or a snow shower next week. that could be our first trace. now a trace of snow is not even measurable. it's just a few flakes. so maybe we'll see a few flakes of snow in about a week. we'll see. >> and you see this ski slopes in the poconos, winter wonderland skiing. >> get it all in before we seat rain because you'll see the rain, too, on sunday. >> thanks, kathy. >> you bet. >> a worry at the gas pump no one saw coming. diving into the driver's seat when you're not looking. what bad guys are doing feet away from owners. >> traffic at a dead stop and the interstate shut down four hours. what was on top of this sign that had many people swarming the area. >> and jay-lo spilling secrets of her body. >> and jay-lo spilling secrets of her body. what she avoided
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>> a major interstate shut down right during rush hour all because of this guy. take a look. he's sitting on top of an exit sign over the interstate. and this happened in tennessee. police and fire fightsers sent hours trying to convince the man to come down. at one point he even crawl as
3:38 am
way from rescuers and they were finally able to talk him don't and i mental health officials examined waters after the rescue and he is charged with disorderly conduct and blocking a roadway. in your money grocery store chain wegmans is recalling nearly 1,000 pounds of chicken that hit store shelves without federal up inspection and u.s. department of agriculture said it could make you sick so take back for a full refunds it includes wegman eye tall jan chicken flavor breast cut let and you can see the use by date and check it out at fox and look under the seen on tv tab. >> chipolte restaurant served a federal jand jury surprise from app norovirus outbreak last summerch the company has to turnover several documents tide tie restaurant in seeming valley california. there was an isolated incident there in august. and the company sales had been rocked by e. coli out breaks
3:39 am
tried to several out breaks last fall. >> the journey begun for one last time. you can believe it, "american idol". >> already the judge hearing them and we heard them some amazing voices. ♪ darrelling look at me♪ i'm falling look a fool for you♪ >> and even kanye west showed up tonight you saw that. wasn't that cool. if you missed tonight no worries you can catch the rest of the season every wednesday and thursday night every night right here "fox29" wednesdays and how about jennifer lopez. how does a 46-year-old do. it she is sharing beauty secrets for a couple of them. she told us weekly she doesn't drink alcohol or smoke and you'll be interested in this chris o'connell who loves his huge jumbo size coffee has not had caffeine in years. >> how does he get up in the
3:40 am
morning. >> only decaf for the mom of 7-year-old twins i guess they wake her up and she says she gets 7 hours of sleep a night and she has two personal trainers. >> i got the twins and i need the coffee. >> and you don't have the trainers, do you? >> no, i do not. >> a teen opens his front door to find a young girl, her hands and feet zip tied together. police say it was her parents. what officers found in their home shocking a small communit community. >> and a specific type of cancer is striking pets without any warning but there is hope thanks to research at penn and how doctors are using an ancient remedy to prolong your pet's life. >> get ready your chance for $500 million just minutes away. fox 29 is the only place to seat winning powerball numbers as they're chosen live. seat winning powerball numbers as they're chosen live. you can watch thehe
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>> a map was pumping gas and cop never guess what was about to unfolded aix car pulled up to one suv and one guy yum jumped out and drivers saw what was happening and chased them off. what did they do? move on they hit another driver
3:44 am
while filling tires and stole his car. police are now serving for them. a florida couple aus kood of illegally retraining their 12-year-old special needs daughter. the girl got away and went to a neighbor's house for help. >> i noticed her hands were ti tied together with a zip tie i was like that's kind of weird. >> terrible. 19-year-old shawn mc doe say the girl knocked on his door a week ago and asked for help and he called police. investigators say the girl ran away from the home she shared with her parents and 7 siblings and they found a structure in her bedroom call the play house that the girl says her parents would lock her in for hours at a time. >> basically they went with how to best handle her and her needs and they would do that to protect her they said from herself or from the other seven children that were living within the home. >> at least that's what the parties told authorities they're now in jail charged with aggravated child abuse. >> penn vet is making mazeing strides in fighting a
3:45 am
devastating cancer in dogs. it is called honongeo sarcoma and strikes like a lightning rod. >> dawn timmeney lost her dog to that terrible cancer and she shows us what penn vet researchers are turning dog owner's des nair hope you. >> going to roll in the leads. >> boldy was a happy golden retriever one minute playing in the yard and the next minute rushed to an emergency veterinarian. diagnosis something i never even heard of amangio sarcoma high lay aggressive and of the blood vesing and attack the spleen. >> a lot of times it's spread to other organs. >> one of the favorite things to do. >> the most common thing it's very devastating the dog normal one point. >> say hi, everybody. >> and an hour lightsner this
3:46 am
acute collapsed and critical state. >> he was treated at metropolitan vet teary association audobon, pennsylvania where the oncologist give us the poor pro know sis tumors on heart, spleen, lungs and it was advanced and he may have a few days or a month to live and we can do chemo it would not buy him much time a one home chinese compound defrivd mushrooms called i-muni. it y. >> it comes from mushrooms. it's been used in chinese medicine over 200 years and predominant interest is in boosting immine function. >> pep vet researchers found a study published in 2012 this particular compound increased long geoff any dogs with
3:47 am
amangio sarcoma and afeared have a tumor fighting effect. >> this is promising it made us wanted to do the next study the one we're doing now. >> the first study was small. 15 dogs. some lived over a year. and this one is more definitive and involves 100 dogs. like this golden retriever moose and his 10-year-old frenchy named my low. this guy is getting his regular monthly checkup at penn ryan veterinary hospital as do all dogs in study. >> when you are dealing with cancer, you're always looking for is there any indication the cancer spread beyond where it was the late time you looked the dog over. >> this is kidney monitor. >> my low was diagnosed after christmans in 2014. >> good. >> he had spleen removed and joined study in january of 2015. >> when we found out on a fluke that penn had the opportunity for them to be involved in this trial on this new medication we jumped at the chance we wanted
3:48 am
as much time with him and good time with him as we could. >> half the dogs in the stutdy are on imunity quarter and another quarter getting chemo and placebo. my low is getting khemo but she doesn't know if if the three capsules are i'm yuniy or placebo. >> he's much improved living the life. >> the fact he's now kind of past the typical window of what dogs with hemangio sarcoma would see it's a winning lottery ticket for us we feel fortunate. >> moose is also seeing amazing results. he had his spleen removed last february and is taking on i'm yunity. he's doing fantastic especially considering golden retrievers are exposed to this ugly cancer. >> for dogs with this they can have pleading from their tumors either from main tumor they had
3:49 am
in their spleen or if spread tumors small tumors can bleed as well. >> and that's what ultimately causes dogs to succumb to the cancer. my golden bhobi lived 30 days after dreaded diagnosis taking nine i'm yunity capsule as i day. >> this is part of his bucket list a big ice cream cone are you enjoying it. he likes that. >> we considered 38 days a gif gift. >> it's special devr stating disease and we have so few effective treatment openings for it that it's easy to get excited about anything that looks even remotely promising and this does. >> this is been the best year of violet's life. >> penn vet is halfway through the study on i'm yunity. they think it will run another two years as the team is following dogs through the end
3:50 am
of their life. so far they found no adverse of the drug and the hope being it will offer significant and successful alternative to chemotherapy which doesn't increase survival and the makers of i'm yunity may consider large scale trials in humans. >> it would be wonderful if it works well f your dog has hemangio sarcoma and had splee spleenectomy go to our web site we set up a link for all the information you need. >> howard now in with sports. i spoe know coaching talk with baseball news. >> spring training how many days away? 2016 class of baseball hall of fame will get two new members going to coopers town. one of those guys is from our area. and the flyers timely trade a player they've been trying to and the flyers timely trade a player they've been trying to move for over a year and
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>> the flyers they have a gift today and another team took a player the flyers were trying to trade for two years that allows the flyers to make more trades. flyers finally traded vipy
3:54 am
lacavlier he was not a hall of famer here with his 4.5 million contract two years it had after the season he told people he'll retire after the season and traded with luke chen and 6.8 million and flyers have to pay 50% of salary taenz opens upsa upsalry caps based to make trades. flyers gut back 23-year-old jordan wheel in third round trick in the trade. 2016 class of baseball hall of fame has two new induct hes and one in a local guy. ken griffey junior was a no brainier he was not one of the cheating guys that used sterioids and hit 40 home runs stretch of 7 out of 8 years and 13 time all star and 10 gold gloves and had a record 99% of vote and three idiots did not vote for him and mike piazza from millerstown pennsylvania gets third year of eligibility
3:55 am
and had best offensive numbers of any catcher in baseball and drafted in the 62 round. >> for me it's just the trials and tribulations of minor league getting to the big leagues, winter ball, i mean, you know, spring training and instructional league, all the lessons and all the work and the block balls and dirt and paint and all the ice tubs and you know training room. >> it's sounding like fun. among the players that deposit make it. bagwell, kurt shilling got 52% ever the vote and roger clemons received 45% he should not get in and barry bonds 44% and mark mcguire down to 13% and sammy sosa got all 8% and another coaching candidate comes in tomorrow to interview with eagles new york giants offensive coordinator ben mc do. off the coaching market is shawn payton he decided to stay
3:56 am
with new or s saints he has two more years in the contract and he would not have come to the eagles but it does make the available coaching pool smaller and leave eye smith fired tonight. and when he to shoot. villanova tough for a while. the myths but the follow. villanova goes on to beat seton hall 72-63 they're 13-2 this season. coaching things will last well into next week because they'll interview more guys after this weekend. >> all right you know what every everybody is thinking about now. 5 0 0 million powerball drawing there is the ticket. >> this is the o ly choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore.
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